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Smart Ways To Generate High Traffic To Your Website

Generate Traffic To Your Website

The traffic a website receives each day can be a gauge to measure how successful a particular site is on the web. It is the amount of people visiting a particular site each day. There is something also known as a “unique visitor” which is an individual with a unique IP address that is being recorded into your platform by the time he visits your website. However, unique visitors only mean that no matter how much they visit your website, only one IP address is recorded, thus, they can serve as a good tool to measure the amount and size of audience a website is receiving.

Most experts say that search engine optimization is a great way to generate audience towards a particular website. However, there are also various ways to gain traffic through marketing strategies. All you have to do is be sure that what you are engaging to gain audience suit best your needs and you are not wasting your time and effort in gaining better traffic and page views to your site.

Here are some tips which can help you generate a better traffic to your website:

1. Partnering With Different Social Media Influencer

Contacting a particular online influencer can be a big help, especially if you are starting up your website for the first time; you get to be introduced to thousands of people at once and your brand/website remains within the world wide web for a long time. When influencers talk about you and your website and link back to you, the amount of traffic you will receive will probably increase, so in the end, you get an ample amount of curious visitors within your website.

2. Search Engine Optimization

While being vastly used as an online marketing strategy, what benefits does SEO really give? Search Engine Optimization is often used to attract visitors to a particular site by using different keywords that would enable a website or article to appear high on the list of suggestions given by major search engine websites such as Google and Yahoo. Search engine optimization is an innovative and practical way to boost traffic to your website; all you ever need to invest is the ability to play with words and voila, your website has higher chances of appearing within the top lists of the search engines.

3. Curate Your Content

There is a huge difference between posting random contents on your site than carefully crafting and curating every article you post; that way, readers/customers are more likely to go back and recommend your site to other people.

4. Embed Your Website To Your Tweets

While Twitter is also known as a platform for micro-blogging, it can also be used to promote your website. Embedding your website link to certain tweets can help you gain more traffic since most people spend a lot of time over Twitter, it’s a good strategy to start and build up your audience.

5. Take Advantage of Other Website’s Comment Section

One of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to gain traffic is by leaving sensible comments on other people’s website and putting a link back to your site just right after you finish your statement. That way, people will know and have access to your blog, thus, increasing your daily traffic. It’s a bonus if people will love your blog, so it is important to really curate your content, to keep people coming back.

These are just some effective and cost-cutting ways to gain traffic towards your website. However, you must also keep in mind that one of the keys into ensuring you would gain visitors and increase your traffic is to write and create quality contents. When you make people hooked to your articles, there is higher chances that they will be back for more. Also, it is important to know your target audience, and from there, cater to what you think they would enjoy reading if you’re running a blog or carefully choose products that you know they would surely buy if you are running a business website.

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7 Tips To Attain Success In Facebook Marketing


It is a known fact that Facebook is among the major leading social media platforms in the world. Ideally, Facebook is loved by many people for its ability to enable users to share videos and photos. Business owners also use Facebook as their primary source of sales, traffic, and branding. Many marketers have revealed that various strategies could be utilized to market in Facebook successfully.

The following list shows the different strategies that could be effective for making Facebook a marketing strategy for many businesses.

Using your email signature to show your URL fan page

Instead of using your email to contact clients, it would be effective to use your e-mail signature in showing your fan page URL. Furthermore, having your Facebook media pages URL under your email messages makes it more visible for clients to see and click it thereby inviting traffic.

Using the existing traffic as leverage for your site

It is good to remember that it’s highly recommended to have a website for each business as it works as your storefront for potential customers to purchase products as well as learn more about the services of your business. Therefore, leveraging the traffic in your site through including a Facebook icon that is visible and accessible makes it easier for potential customers to visit your Facebook page.

Promoting Facebook page in your various places of business

Promoting your Facebook page to customers visiting your store is a major way of letting your customers know that you are on Facebook. Therefore, Facebook marketing should be done both online and offline to successfully acquire more clients.

Sending an Email Blast

Sending out an email blast is among the best ways of letting people know that you are on Facebook, and getting people to like your page. MailChimp and Aweber are the most credited email marketing tools. However, it is advisable to send emails blasts on weekday mornings for a productive conversation following Hub-Spot’s study that morning e-mails receive very high CTR.

Creating a Schedule for Updating your Status

According to Socialmediatoday, the average active Facebook users on a daily basis are 758 million. Some of these millions of users could easily be potential customers. Therefore, it would be advisable to post specific contents on your Facebook page that attract your targeted audience. Such materials often involve educative, entertaining and empowering posts.

Finding Out the most Appropriate Time to Post

Among the Facebook page’s favorite features are insights. Visiting your posts insights enables you to determine the day and time when most of your fans are online. Therefore, when creating a schedule, it might be best to identify the time that most of your fans are online and mark these hours as the right moment to post-marketing contents.

Using Videos and Images for Content Updates

Perhaps what makes Facebook more attractive are the pictures and videos shared on Facebook News Feed. Consequently posting marketing materials comprising of images and videos gets over 180% engagements compared to other posts.

Therefore, using the detailed lists mentioned above ascertains the success of Facebook marketing.

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Social Media Marketing Services: How Important To Small Businesses


In today’s digital world, social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google are among the leading types of online marketing used by small businesses to market their brands and products. Recent reports from Media-bistro shows that over 70% of small businesses today are using various social media websites as their marketing tool. This, therefore, demonstrates the importance of social media marketing to small businesses.

Due to its cost-effectiveness, ability to generate enormous sales and its capability to reach potential customers, social media is gradually becoming an important marketing strategy for small businesses. Below are the major detailed factors marking the importance of social media marketing.

The acquisition of customers is easier on social media

Following the fact that almost half of the world is registered to various social media websites, it increases the chances of small businesses acquiring more potential customers through these platforms. E-Marketer shows that over 1.7 billion users are using social media enhancing the probability of small businesses acquiring more customers.

Social media is inexpensive and effective

Ideally, various social media websites are easy to access following their cheap and efficient qualities. As a result, small businesses are enabled to reach a large number of potential customers in little time with much ease. Interviews conducted by Forbes magazine on various corporate shows that social media marketing heightens business exposure.

Social media can generate more sales

Social media marketing goes a long way into ensuring leads are generated, thereby increasing the sales for small businesses using its various platforms. Recent surveys by social media today shows that 71% of people registered to different social media platforms are more likely to purchase goods from businesses marketing their brands on social media. Comparatively, a study carried out by Hub-Spot reveals that social media marketing produces more marketing leads compared to other marketing strategies.

Social media facilitates direct interaction with customers.

The advancement of technology has equipped social media platforms with the ability to enable businesses to interact with their clients directly. For that reason, small businesses can entice potential customers through engaging them in interactive techniques such as polls and Question and answer. Socialmediatoday reveals that 53% of marketers are utilizing social media as an engagement strategy to acquire more customers.

Multiple small businesses are looking forward to spending more time on social media

In response to the documented benefits of social media marketing on various media platforms, numerous small businesses are now investing more time in social media. Moreover, social media effective companies have highlighted the positive progress in their business. Socialmediatoday reveals that over 20% of marketers in small businesses spend two to three hours a day on social media. Insights conveyed by Swift page shows that 50% of small businesses disclose that they acquire more customers after spending more time on social media.

When considering the perfect marketing strategy to build your small business, social media offers the best chances of progression. Furthermore, social media marketing is an excellent method of improving and increasing customer base.

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