5 Factors to Focus While Designing a Thriving Landing Page


A landing page is one that serves to trigger conversion and finalize deals by attracting potential visitors to it. Businesses with high conversion landing pages, which is the key to success, are sure to enjoy triumph and victory.

What makes a landing page good or bad? Well, there can’t be a definite answer to this question, because it totally depends on how it is seen. Landing pages are different and so are the ways they are looked upon. The purpose, products, value proposition, audience and many others make differentiation in landing pages.

To be successful in designing a winning landing page, you need to ensure a couple of elements in your design that altogether leaves you rest assured of high conversion rates. A few of the most important elements to ensure are listed below:

Use big pictures

Human brain functions in a way that it conceives images at 60,000 faster rate as compared to texts. The big pictures on your website will instantly influence their mind. It is important that you use pictures only that are pertaining to your niche. High quality and photoshop pictures are to be used. For no reason whatsoever should you be using photoshop botches. You are smart enough if you use direct images projecting your services such as sure of product screenshots when yours is software, crystal-clear high quality image if it is an image selling site, and so on.

Gripping heading

Your heading is marks the beginning of your business. Make the best use of the heading to grab all your readers’ attention. This should carry the core gist of your business. A heading not more than 10 words is perfect, and those up to 20 words are fairly acceptable too.

Compelling sub-heading to upkeep your competence

While the heading helps you in absorbing your users’ attention, it is your sub-heading that entices them to stay on your page and continue reading on. Simply put, the sub-heading is your main heading in an elaborate form.

Say who you are

Of course, your entire website, directly or indirectly, explains who you are. Its heading, sub-heading, picture, video, and every other bit of it intend delivering a little more about your business. Take it a step forward by making it more inclined towards users. Rather than saying what you offer, explain about how your offerings benefit your visitors. How is it to say “Try this recipe and feel its heavenly taste” than to say “I’ve cooked a tasty recipe”? Doesn’t it certainly make a huge difference?

There is nothing wrong in boasting about your business. Who else would do if not you? Explain its benefits in a way that impresses the users and persuades them to explore and try your services.

Effective CTA

The ultimate purpose of all your provoking and compelling content on the website is after all to convert visitors into customers. Achieve this with effective Call to Action instruction wherever necessary. You may also choose to have multiple CTA instruction at different points at your site. Your primary goal is to keep leading your visitors towards you.

More to do too:

Including real testimonials with real names, numbers, photo, and contact information is a plus. The more authentic your website seems, the more trustworthy will your business look too. The landing page should also carry your contact information like the phone number, mail id, social network id, physical address, and all others using which your customers can reach you.

Live Chat has become a trend in most websites these days. Though it is not a mandate, it can aid you in boosting the website value. If at all you choose to have one, ensure that you have a dedicated system to attend to the queries or chats posted across.

A little more effort is all that it takes to reap the best benefits out of your site. Enjoy flourishing business by investing your time to ensure all the above.

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