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How will Online Marketing Diagnosis Boost your Business?

Online Marketing Diagnosis Boost Your Business

If you’re asked how would you improve anything? You would scrub your head and then after pondering for some time, you may come up with this – “improvement happens when we can measure the current results for our past actions.”

In simple term, we’re going to talk about online marketing diagnosis and audit of your online marketing efforts. If you don’t know what online marketing diagnosis is, here are two words to remember – “search research”. And then go for inspection. What will you inspect? Your digital marketing effort! To have an idea about online marketing diagnosis, here’s an example (not exhaustive though).

Before going into inspection, we will ask you a single question – “Are you happy with the ROI of your digital marketing efforts?”

If it seems that you’ve been doing everything that you can do – like tweaking your website and content with long tail keywords, sending out email campaigns every week, creating flashy digital experience for your audience and much more and still you’re not seeing any positive difference in your results, what would you do?

You need to go for digital marketing diagnosis. If you go for digital marketing diagnosis, you will realize that by changing few things only, you can boost your sales and convertibility.

How? Here’s how.

Review your digital marketing strategy

You may have taken a marketing strategy one year ago. And still going on with the same strategy. Do you think it is still working? Track your results and match up with your efforts. Is there any gap in your actual and desired results? Maybe one year ago, you gave more emphasis on Facebook, but time has changed; you need to pay more heed to Instagram because it has been seen that in Instagram the post engagement is 15 times more than Facebook.

Analyze your conversion

Who is buying your stuff? Do the audience whom you’ve targeted before buy your stuff or there’s a different set of audience now? Analyze your audience and target your strategy according to their particular preference, taste, choice and behavior. If you can assess your customers (who have already bought from you) well, you will be able to find the right audience for your business.

Social media review

Are you satisfied with the results you’re getting from social media? If not, it’s time that you review your social media strategy . Do research and try to find out why your strategy isn’t working. Are you too infrequent in social media? Even if you update frequently, do you post short updates or long updates? Do you add images or info-graphics? Do you use relevant hash-tags? Do you answer questions of your fans and followers? Look closely. You will find that one or two things may be missing from your social media strategy implementation. If you can tweak and change one or two social media habits, things will certainly get better.

Review customer experience on website

Forget that you own your website and visit your website from the perspective of your potential customers. Are you feeling great visiting the website? Is it user-friendly? Do the font and size of the words seem light on your eyes? Are you providing more value than your competitors? Does the website convey the brand image? If not, change and improve your customer experience.

Are you stuck in one place or exploring possible opportunities?

Many brands are wasting their opportunities simply by not reviewing and changing their digital marketing strategy every few months. The best way to understand if you’re losing opportunities is to check your competitors’ current digital strategy and how they’re operating the whole thing. Are they concentrating more on v-log (video blog)? Or they’re emphasizing on content marketing? No. You don’t need to follow them. Understanding their strategy will help you find new ideas and you may find new ways to add value to your potential customers.

Do your online marketing diagnosis and you’ll realize that you can boost your sales and enhance your business almost by 100% only in few months.

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Different Ways To Enhance Your Online Business

Enhance Your Online Business

The key word in online business now-a-days is “testing”. If you don’t test your current strategy first, you may see a dissonance between your desired and actual results; leave alone the time and efforts you would put in.

Now the question remains what to test?

Here’re 4 strategies you can test to increase your online business. For majority of online businesses these strategies worked. So they’re safe to test. Now there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy, but these things are easy to try and if you have 5-10 minutes to spare you can quickly apply one strategy out of these four.

Focus on one product:

In his 2004 book “The Paradox of Choice – Why More is Less”, psychologist Barry Schwartz remarked that if you eliminate options from consumers’ minds, it can greatly reduce their anxiety. So you can say that focus is the key. On your product or service page, focus on one product or service and write a great copy about it. It has been shown in research that people purchase more when they’ve nothing to opt from. You don’t need to take this strategy for granted. Just test it for a month and then see whether this strategy works for you or not.

Paradox of Choice

Write great copy:

Copywriting is underrated. People think if they talk about benefits along with features, they’ll win the bet. But as an entrepreneur, you know people don’t buy for benefits, they buy for relatedness. If you sell a product that teaches children of 5-9 years about how to study, you need to aim for their parents and you also need to include the language of those parents in your copy. Don’t talk about how your product will help them, rather rephrase it with how they will solve their problems. If you understand these two things – talking the language of your customers and solving a major problem they’re facing, you will sell much more.

Attract More People

Think about your headline:

Your headline can make or break the chance of making a sale. Here’s how. The first thing your prospective customer will read in your landing page is your headline. So make sure it should have a higher emotional marketing value. Why is it important to have a higher emotional value? Without higher emotional value, your potential customers will not feel related to your product. Here’s how you can check the emotional marketing value of your headline. Go to aminstitute.com, copy paste your headline in the box, select the category from the range of categories and press submit. You will get your EMV score. Higher the score, better would be your chances of attracting prospective customers.

Haedline Analyzer

Reposition your opt-in:

Your opt-in is the most important part of your website. People that are not buying from you can be your subscribers at least. And you can sell them afterward. Once they subscribe to your email list, you have a large number of potential customers who will hear from you once or twice in a week. So reposition your opt-in to increase your subscriber-count. Put it in the top right hand corner of your blog/website (it should be visible in every page). Moreover Derek Halpern of Social Triggers says that you should have an opt-in at the end of each blog post. Why? When you write great post, people will like it and if you remind them then and there, chances of subscribing to your email list will be much higher.

Social Triggers Opt In

The above strategies are tested again and again and they worked for most of the online businesses.

Which strategy do you like most among all? Pick one and start implementing. Remember? Testing is the key word in online business. Isn’t it?

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