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How will Online Marketing Diagnosis Boost your Business?

Online Marketing Diagnosis Boost Your Business

If you’re asked how would you improve anything? You would scrub your head and then after pondering for some time, you may come up with this – “improvement happens when we can measure the current results for our past actions.”

In simple term, we’re going to talk about online marketing diagnosis and audit of your online marketing efforts. If you don’t know what online marketing diagnosis is, here are two words to remember – “search research”. And then go for inspection. What will you inspect? Your digital marketing effort! To have an idea about online marketing diagnosis, here’s an example (not exhaustive though).

Before going into inspection, we will ask you a single question – “Are you happy with the ROI of your digital marketing efforts?”

If it seems that you’ve been doing everything that you can do – like tweaking your website and content with long tail keywords, sending out email campaigns every week, creating flashy digital experience for your audience and much more and still you’re not seeing any positive difference in your results, what would you do?

You need to go for digital marketing diagnosis. If you go for digital marketing diagnosis, you will realize that by changing few things only, you can boost your sales and convertibility.

How? Here’s how.

Review your digital marketing strategy

You may have taken a marketing strategy one year ago. And still going on with the same strategy. Do you think it is still working? Track your results and match up with your efforts. Is there any gap in your actual and desired results? Maybe one year ago, you gave more emphasis on Facebook, but time has changed; you need to pay more heed to Instagram because it has been seen that in Instagram the post engagement is 15 times more than Facebook.

Analyze your conversion

Who is buying your stuff? Do the audience whom you’ve targeted before buy your stuff or there’s a different set of audience now? Analyze your audience and target your strategy according to their particular preference, taste, choice and behavior. If you can assess your customers (who have already bought from you) well, you will be able to find the right audience for your business.

Social media review

Are you satisfied with the results you’re getting from social media? If not, it’s time that you review your social media strategy . Do research and try to find out why your strategy isn’t working. Are you too infrequent in social media? Even if you update frequently, do you post short updates or long updates? Do you add images or info-graphics? Do you use relevant hash-tags? Do you answer questions of your fans and followers? Look closely. You will find that one or two things may be missing from your social media strategy implementation. If you can tweak and change one or two social media habits, things will certainly get better.

Review customer experience on website

Forget that you own your website and visit your website from the perspective of your potential customers. Are you feeling great visiting the website? Is it user-friendly? Do the font and size of the words seem light on your eyes? Are you providing more value than your competitors? Does the website convey the brand image? If not, change and improve your customer experience.

Are you stuck in one place or exploring possible opportunities?

Many brands are wasting their opportunities simply by not reviewing and changing their digital marketing strategy every few months. The best way to understand if you’re losing opportunities is to check your competitors’ current digital strategy and how they’re operating the whole thing. Are they concentrating more on v-log (video blog)? Or they’re emphasizing on content marketing? No. You don’t need to follow them. Understanding their strategy will help you find new ideas and you may find new ways to add value to your potential customers.

Do your online marketing diagnosis and you’ll realize that you can boost your sales and enhance your business almost by 100% only in few months.

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Top Trending Online Brand Promotion Strategies

Online Promotion Strategies

This is the age of permission marketing. And now customers are also more informed than ever. So if you do anything silly with your online brand marketing, you will not only lose valuable and loyal customers, you will also lose your brand value.

How would you promote your brand so that customers keep coming back to your website and social media page?

We’ve picked up the best 5 strategies you can use to promote your online brand right away. Moreover, they’re also the latest trends because big giants like Samsung, Monster have been using these techniques.

Sound good?

Let’s jump in.

Keep your updates short (as short as you can) in Facebook

Do you know what would be the ideal character length for your Facebook update? Just 40 characters! You may wonder how come it’s just 40!

Here’s the thing. According to the research done by strategist Jeff Bullas, it was found that when you use Facebook updates of 40 characters, the post engagements increases by 86 percent. Moreover, if you give updates of 80 characters, your post-engagements reduced by 20 percent and you’ll only get 66 percent of post-engagements.

Character Length

The research was done on the retail industry and Jeff examined the rates of ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on each post. So if you’re thinking of promoting your brand, follow the KISS principle – Keep it short and sweet.

Create a short branded URL for promotion

Why use shortened URL? There’re two reasons.

First, it would help your customers remember it easily. Second, this is the new trend of online brand promotion.

All you need to do is to write down your present URL and find a shorter one which is inherent within the URL you already use.


For example, look at www.whiterobo.com. To promote their brand, these two individuals created a shorter URL which is part of their main URL and that is whiterobo.com. It’s easy to use and people can remember it easily.

Ideally, if you want to create a shorter URL, make sure it’s 15 characters or less including the dot. And you will make your mark.

Develop weekly YouTube Schedule

Many companies ignore this advice. But if you take account of top companies, you would see that they post minimum 8 videos in a matter of 2 weeks.

There’re two things you need to keep in mind.


First, you need to be posting video on YouTube on regular intervals.

Second, you need to make sure that the length of the video doesn’t go beyond 3-3.5 minutes. Why 3-3.5 minutes?

The Head of Content for Unruly Media, David Waterhouse did a research on top 50 YouTube Videos and he concluded that the average length of the top YouTube video is 2 minutes 54 seconds.

Generate more engagement with Instagram

Why do that when you can do everything with Facebook? Here’s the astonishing report given by Olapic and L2.


It has been seen that Instagram has been the most engaged social media ever. Have a look at the report below and you would get why Instagram should be your number one choice in creating online brand promotion. That doesn’t mean you won’t do your brand promotion on Facebook. But sequence it in this order – Instagram first, Facebook second.

Use related Hashtags

Have a brand that you want to stand out with? According to the new trend followed by Giant companies, to promote your brand, the first thing you need to do is to use related hashtags whenever you post anything – on Facebook, on Twitter or on Instagram.


Why do that?

The reason is when you use related hashtags your followers can recognize your brand. You can call them “sub-brand-keywords” that can create havoc in your marketing effort.

Look at Samsung Mobile’s recent tweet and you’ll get an idea how to do it.

These strategies work if you work on them and within weeks you would be able to see a drastic difference in your brand engagement.

Out of these 5, what strategy will you implement for your online brand promotion?.

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